[Haskell] translation of "kind"

karczma at info.unicaen.fr karczma at info.unicaen.fr
Sat Jun 18 13:48:28 EDT 2005

Wolfgang Jeltsch writes: 

> can anybody tell me what the German translation of the word "kind" as used in 
> type theory and especially in Haskell is?

To prevent misunderstanding: I speak German as a typical Spanish cow
speaks French. Vielleicht a little better when I drink too much coffee... 


I *have seen* in some German pedagogic documents I cannot trace now,
Gattung with "(Genre?)" in parentheses. Perhaps it is that, perhaps
I have, btw. the same problem with French and Polish... (genre/espèce?)

So, you are not alone, brother... 

Jerzy Karczmarczuk 

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