[Haskell] build an interpreter on top of GHCi?

Bernard Pope bjpop at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Jan 27 02:13:41 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 13:57 +0800, WANG Meng wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anybody has the experience to built an interpreter on top of GHCi?
> What I want is to defined a my own interpreter as a Haskell module and
> load it into GHCi. So this new interpreter will be running on top of GHCi
> which accepts syntax extension of Haskell. For example:
> Prelude> :l myInter
> Prelude> myInter> new language source
> Prelude> myInter> ...
> Prelude> myInter> exit
> Prelude>

Writing interpreters in Haskell is fun, for example you can check out my
baskell interpreter: http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~bjpop/code.html
That is a small functional language with type inference and a REPL. It
loads in GHCi, and appears to work in a fashion similar to your above

However I'm not entirely sure that's what you want to do. For example
you seem to be only interested in GHCi, and I wonder why that is so. Why
not Hugs, or why not compile the interpreter? Perhaps you want to make
an extension to GHCi? 


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