[Haskell] build an interpreter on top of GHCi?

WANG Meng wangmeng at comp.nus.edu.sg
Thu Jan 27 00:57:08 EST 2005

Hi All,

Does anybody has the experience to built an interpreter on top of GHCi?

What I want is to defined a my own interpreter as a Haskell module and
load it into GHCi. So this new interpreter will be running on top of GHCi
which accepts syntax extension of Haskell. For example:

Prelude> :l myInter
Prelude> myInter> new language source
Prelude> myInter> ...
Prelude> myInter> exit

In another word, I want to have a read-eval-print-loop running on GHCi.
Does anybody know how to do that?

  @ @

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