[Haskell] ANN: MissingH 0.9.0

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Feb 3 16:58:22 EST 2005

Announcing MissingH 0.9.0

This release is being made now because it introduces several features
that are important for my work on MissingPy (announcement forthcoming).

New feature summary:

 * Perl-like regular expression operators (MissingH.Regex.Pesco)
   This module builds atop the standard POSIX Text.Regex module,
   extending it to be far more convenient with easier maching,
   grouping, and substitution operations.  (Integrated from Pesco)

 * strToAL, strFomAL (MissingH.List)

   Converts any [(String, String)] and many other association lists
   to a simple string representation that can be stored on-disk
   or sent across the network.  Also, re-generates the original list
   upon parsing the string representation.  Used internally by

 * Persistent or non-persistent DBM storage class

   MissingH.AnyDBM is an abstraction for various mapping systems.
   MissingH itself provides an implementation using a non-persistent
   HashTable or FiniteMap, as well as a persistent StringDBM.
   Bindings to dbm, gdbm, dbhash, etc. are in the works and will
   be simple members of this typeclass.

 * Major cleaning up of the build system.

Description of MissingH from README:

What is MissingH?

It's a collection of Haskell-related utilities.  It is an extension of my
earlier work developing MissingLib for OCaml.  You can download
MissingH from http://quux.org/devel/missingh.  There is a mirror, with
a few days' lag, at http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/m/missingh.

Major Features

 * Powerful Logging Framework for Haskell
   This framework provides a system of hierarchical loggers and
   modular handlers permitting fine-grained logging with a great deal
   of control and yet a simple and fast interface.  It's based on
   log4j for Java and logging for Python.

   Also included is a native-Haskell Syslog client.

 * Versatile modules to simplify everyday tasks:
   + FTP client library
   + E-mail client library
   + MIME types library to determine MIME types from files or URLs
   + Configuration file parser/generator

 * IO utilities make it easier to work with line-based text files
   and binary files

 * IO object virtualization so you can use one set of code to work
   on files of many different types

 * Filesystem virtualization so you can access variuos items with the
   same ease as your system's filesystem

 * Network utilities to streamline connections

 * List utilities including association list tools,
   list splitting, truncation, and delimiter joining

 * String utilities including removal of leading or trailing
   whitespace, joining, splitting, and truncation

 * Other utilities for threads, parers, filenames, etc.

 * Printf utilities for formatting strings

 * GZip decompression

 * Hundreds of unit tests to verify proper functionality

 * DBM module abstraction

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