[Haskell] Call for Participation: FOOL/WOOD 2006

Kathleen Fisher kfisher at research.att.com
Fri Dec 2 09:47:10 EST 2005

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                      2006 International Workshop
       Foundations and Developments of Object-Oriented Languages

                               FOOL/WOOD '06
                        Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN

                           January 14, 2000
                      Charleston, South Carlolina, USA
                          Following POPL '06

The search for sound principles for object-oriented languages has
given rise to much work on the theory of programming languages during
the past 20 years, leading to a better understanding of the key
concepts of object-oriented languages and to important developments in
type theory, semantics, and program verification. The FOOL/WOOD  
bring together researchers to share new ideas and results in these

The next workshop, FOOL/WOOD '06, will be held in Charleston, South
Carolina, on Saturday January 14, 2006, the day after POPL'06. Six
contributed papers will be presented; in addition, there will be
invited talks by Gilad Bracha, Dave Clarke, and perhaps one other  

To register for the workshop, use the standard POPL registration form,
available through:


The early registration deadline ends ****December 10th****.  Please  
make your hotel arrangments as soon as possible.

To keep down the cost of registration, we will not be providing
printed proceedings.  All papers will be available online before the
workshop, so you may print the papers you wish to have on hand before
the meeting.
Accepted papers:

Parameterized Modules for Classes and Extensible Functions. Keunwoo  
Lee and Craig Chambers.

Ego: Controlling the Power of Simplicity. Andi Bejleri, Jonathan  
Aldrich, and Kevin Bierhoff.

A Foundation for Trait-Based Metaprogramming. John Reppy and Aaron  

Modularly Typesafe Interface Dispatch in JPred. Christopher Frost and  
Todd Millstein.

Hybrid Object Types, Invariants, and Refinements. Cormac Flanagan and  
Stephen N. Freund.

Property Types: Semantic Programming for Java Aaron Stump and Ian  

Invited talks:
Gilad Bracha
Dave Clarke

The full program will be available shortly from


Program committee:

    Eric Allen      (Sun Microsystems Laboratories)
    Gavin Bierman   (Microsoft Research)
    Stephen Freund  (Williams College)
    Paola Giannini  (Universita del Piemonte Orientale)
    Gary T. Leavens (Iowa State University)
    James Noble     (Victoria University of Wellington)
    Didier Remy     (INRIA Rocquencourt)
    Christopher Stone (Harvey Mudd College) [Chair]
    Mads Torgersen  (University of Aarhus)


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