[Haskell] threading mutable state through callbacks

Udo Stenzel u.stenzel at web.de
Wed Oct 13 03:54:27 EDT 2004

Wolfgang Thaller <wolfgang.thaller at gmx.net> schrieb am 13.10.04 04:36:43:
> 2) Evaluation order.
> That's what everyone has been fighting about.
> So what are our options?
> a) unsafePerformIO - like.
> b) Some predetermined order, with semantics like mdo:

c) same as b) plus unsafeInterleaveIO

In fact, I think a specified order for side-effecting initialisation is a good thing.
Initialisation should happen in order of declaration and in order of module 
dependecies.  An initialisation that is to be performed lazily is simply wrapped 
in unsafeInterleaveIO.  Anything wrong with that aproach?



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