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Keean Schupke k.schupke at
Tue Nov 23 04:29:26 EST 2004

Is this a joke? Seriously if you writing the OS in haskell this is trivial,
you fork a thread using forkIO at system boot to maintain the driver,
all 'processes' communicate to the thread using channels, the thread
maintains local state (an IORef, or just a peramiter used recursively)

    myDriver :: (Chan in,Chan out) -> State -> IO State
    myDriver (in,out) state = do
       -- read commands from in
       -- process commands
       -- reply on out
       myDriver (in,out) new_state


Adrian Hey wrote:

> IOW there is no possible sound solution in Haskell. I think that's
>a problem for a "general purpose" programming language. What if
>there is no OS or device driver? Shouldn't people reasonably expect
>to be able to write their own device driver in a general purpose
>programming language?
>Adrian Hey
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