[Haskell] WRS05: First Call For Papers

Roberto Di Cosmo roberto at dicosmo.org
Sat Nov 20 14:33:34 EST 2004

                        5th Int'l Workshop on
        Reduction Strategies in Rewriting and Programming


                    Nara, Japan,  April 22nd, 2005

                      First Call For Submissions

Reduction strategies in rewriting  and programming have attracted  an increasing
attention within the  last years. New   types of reduction  strategies have been
invented  and investigated,  and new results   on rewriting /  computation under
particular strategies   have been obtained. Research  in  this field ranges from
primarily theoretical questions   about reduction strategies to  very  practical
application and implementation issues.  The need for  a deeper  understanding of
reduction strategies in rewriting and  programming, both in theory and practice,
is obvious, since they  bridge the  gap  between unrestricted general  rewriting
(computation) and  (more  deterministic)  rewriting with   particular strategies
(programming). Moreover, reduction  strategies provide a natural  way to go from
operational principles     (e.g.,   graph   and   term    rewriting,  narrowing,
lambda-calculus) and  semantics  (e.g., normalization,   computation of  values,
infinitary normalization,  head-normalization) to implementations of programming

Therefore any progress in this area is likely to be  of interest not only to the
rewriting    community,   but also    to neighbouring   fields   like functional
programming, functional-logic programming, and termination proofs of algorithms.

The workshop wants to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new
ideas and results, recent  developments, new research  directions, as well as of
surveys  on existing knowledge  in this  area. Furthermore  we aim at  fostering
interaction  and exchange between researchers and  students  actively working on
such topics.

Information on the previous, and forthcoming, WRS editions is available from the
WRS permanent homepage.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

    * theoretical foundations for the definition and semantic description of
      reduction strategies

    * strategies in different frameworks (term rewriting, graph rewriting,
      infinitary rewriting, lambda calculi, higher order rewriting and explicit
      substitutions, conditional rewriting, rewriting with built-ins, narrowing,
      constraint solving, etc.) and their application in (equational,
      functional, functional-logic) programming (languages)

    * properties of reduction strategies  / computations under strategies (e.g.,
      completeness,  computability, decidability,   complexity,      optimality,
      (hyper-)normalization,       cofinality,       fairness,     perpetuality,
      context-freeness, neededness, laziness, eagerness, strictness)

    * interrelations, combinations and applications of reduction under different
      strategies (e.g., equivalence conditions  for fundamental properties  like
      termination  and    confluence,  applications   in  modularity   analysis,
      connections between strategies of different frameworks, etc.)

    * program analysis and other semantics-based optimization techniques dealing
      with reduction strategies

    * rewrite systems / tools / implementations with flexible / programmable
      strategies as essential concept / ingredient

    * specification of reduction strategies in (real) languages

    * data structures and implementation techniques for reduction strategies


We solicit  papers  on all  aspects  of reduction   strategies in rewriting  and
programming.  Submissions should  describe  unpublished work,  except for survey
papers which are explicitly welcome, too. Submissions should not exceed 10 pages
(however, survey papers may  be longer). Please,  send a message containing  the
title, authors, and abstract of your submission  before January 21, 2005  to the
PC co-chairs at

                       wrs05 at pps.jussieu.fr

The full version of  your submission should be  sent in postscript or PDF format
before January 31, 2005. Submissions should  include the title, authors'  names,
affiliations, addresses, and e-mail. Selection of papers by the PC will be based
on originality,  significance, and  correctness. Final versions   will be due by
March 18, 2005.


Accepted papers  will be included in  the preliminary  workshop proceedings that
will be available at  the  workshop. Selected papers  will  be published  in the
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS) series of Elsevier.


      January  21, 2005 	Deadline for electronic submission of abstracts
      January  31, 2005 	Deadline for electronic submission of papers
      February 25, 2005 	Notification of acceptance of papers
      March    18, 2005 	Deadline for final versions of accepted papers
      April    22, 2005 	Workshop


    * Kokichi Futatsugi  (JAIST, Japan)

Additional invited speakers will be announced on the website.


    * Sergio Antoy (Portland)
    * Eduardo Bonelli (Stevens)
    * Roberto Di Cosmo (Paris VII, Co-Chair)
    * Bernhard Gramlich (Wien)
    * Stefano Guerrini (Roma)
    * Salvador Lucas (Valencia)
    * Aart Middeldorp (Innsbruck)
    * Yoshihito Toyama (Tohoku, Co-Chair)


      Roberto Di Cosmo
      Laboratoire PPS -  Universite Paris 7, France
      Email: roberto at dicosmo.org

      Yoshihito Toyama
      Tohoku University, Japan
      Email: toyama at nue.riec.tohoku.ac.jp


    * Call for papers in Text, PostScript and PDF format
    * WRS permanent website: http://www.dsic.upv.es/~wrs
    * WRS 2005 e-mail address: wrs05 at pps.jussieu.fr
    * RDP 2005 website: http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/rdp05/

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