[Haskell] CFP: 1st Int'l Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web Sites (WWV'05)

Santiago Escobar sescobar at dsic.upv.es
Fri Nov 19 04:09:50 EST 2004

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     1st International Workshop on Automated
          Specification and Verification
               of Web Sites (WWV'05)

       March 14-15 2005, Valencia, SPAIN




The  increased  complexity  of Web sites and the explosive growth of
Web-based applications has turned their design and construction into
a  challenging problem. Nowadays, many companies have diverted their
Web   sites   into   interactive,   completely-automated,  Web-based
applications (such  as  Amazon, on-line banking, or travel agencies)
with  a  high complexity that requires appropriate specification and
verification  techniques and tools. Systematic, formal approaches to
the  analysis  and  verification  can  address  the problems of this
particular  domain  with  automated  and  reliable  tools  that also
incorporate semantic aspects.

We solicit paper on formal methods and techniques applied to Web
sites, Web services or Web-based applications, such as:

  * rule-based approaches to Web site analysis, certification,
       specification, verification, and optimization
  * formal models for describing and reasoning about Web sites
  * model-checking, synthesis and debugging of Web sites
  * abstract interpretation and program transformation applied
       to the semantic Web

WWV'05 provides a forum for researchers from the communities of
Rule-based   programming,  Automated  Software  Engineering, and
Web-oriented  research to facilitate the cross-fertilization and
the advancement of hybrid methods that combine the three areas.

Participants are encouraged to present work in progress, overviews
of more extensive work, position papers and reports of practical

WWV'05 is supported by the EU Commission under ICT for EU-India
Cross-Cultural Dissemination project ALA/95/23/2003/077-054.


WWV'05 will be held in Valencia, Spain (http://www.turisvalencia.es),
at  the  Department  of  Information  Systems  and  Computation of
the Technical University of Valencia (http://www.dsic.upv.es).


Submission will be web-based via the conference web-site:


Submissions must be received by January 10, 2005. In addition, an ASCII
version of the title and abstract must be submitted by January 4, 2005.
These are strict deadlines.

Submitted papers should be at most 15 pages in the Electronic Notes
in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS) style and should include an
abstract and the author's information. See the author's instructions
of ENTCS style at http://math.tulane.edu/~entcs.


Accepted papers will be published in a preliminary proceedings volume,
which will be available during the workshop. Publication of the
workshop proceedings in the series Electronic Notes in Theoretical
Computer Science (ENTCS) is envisaged.


Maria Alpuente (Technical University of Valencia, Spain)
Moreno Falaschi (University of Siena, Italy)


Santiago Escobar (Technical University of Valencia, Spain)



The ELP Group http://www.dsic.upv.es/users/elp/elp.html


Abstract Submission               4 January  2005  (strict)
Full Paper Submission            10 January  2005  (strict)
Acceptance Notification          19 February 2005
Camera Ready                      3 March    2005
Workshop                         14-15 March 2005

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