[Haskell] package with ghc and ghci

Fred Nicolier f.nicolier at iut-troyes.univ-reims.fr
Tue Nov 16 02:51:00 EST 2004


I have some packages for  doing  signal and  image processing stuff.  
Here is a little test  program :

module Main where
import Hips
a = listSignal (1,10) [1..10]
b = liftSignals (:+) a a
c = fft b
main = do
       putStrLn $ show a
       putStrLn $ show b
       putStrLn $ show c

1/ Compiled with : ghc -package hips testFFT.hs
2/ interpreted with : ghci-package hips testFFT.h

1/ no problem
2/ dont execute and gives 'unknown package name: =Numeric' (Numeric is 
another package called by Hips, included in HaskellDSP).

Any solution ?

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