[Haskell] Re: Announcing: Postmaster ESMTP Server

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Mon Nov 1 07:40:35 EST 2004

To follow up to my own posting:

 > at <http://postmaster.cryp.to/> you will find the first
 > beta release of Postmaster, a mail transport agent
 > written in Haskell.

If anyone feels like being an "early adopter", I've just
made a release of the software available for download. So
you don't need Darcs anymore. There is also a tutorial to
get you started on how to configure the MTA, although it's
not yet complete (and won't be for a couple of days at
least). The usual early adopter problems ...

I'd be particularly interested in feedback from the Windows
fraction of the list. Right now, the daemon will almost
certainly not work under Windows. I would like it to,
though, so I figured the sooner I port it, the better.
Without access to a Windows machine and zero knowledge about
the OS, though, that's difficult without help.

What else? If you'd like to talk to the daemon, feel free to

  telnet peti.cryp.to smtp

and see what happens. Be careful not to produce too many 5xx
replies, though. There is dynamic blacklisting code in
place. :-)

Have fun.


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