[Haskell] how to print the Report in CM fonts?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Tue May 4 12:52:26 EDT 2004

I guess this is a Tex/Latex question rather than a Haskell report one.

I'm no Latex wizard, but maybe leaving out the
which appears near the start of Haskell.verb 
would help?


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| Hello all,
| The Haskell98 Report, in its printed form, uses Times
| and Courier fonts.  I would like to have the Report printed
| in the TeX-standard cm family of fonts (including the tt font
| which I like much more than Courier as a `computer font').
| Some time ago, I tried to do this from the sources in the
| CVS repository but failed.  Could someone please explain how
| to achieve this, i.e. what changes should be applied to the
| files before tex-ing?  And what is the set of files needed
| for a current version?  Thank you.
| Best regards,
|    Boyko Bantchev
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