[wxhaskell-users] Re: [Haskell] Announce: wxHaskell 0.6

Matthew Walton matthew at alledora.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 13:20:33 EST 2004

Gour wrote:

> Matthew Walton (matthew at alledora.co.uk) wrote:
>>Plenty of ebuilds seem to work from multiple source packages... I can't 
>>see a particular difficulty in writing one that installs wxHaskell 
>>source and documentation simultaneously.
> Thank you for pointing this out. I never came across one.

You probably did, XFree86 uses several tarballs, although admittedly it 
does expand them all into the same place before building. There is 
though, as far as I can see, nothing to stop you making your own 
subdirectories of the build directory and extracting a tarball into each 
of those, then building and installing each of them as necessary.

> I was playing during the 0.30.4 but could not solve sandbox problem since
> wxhaskell writes into /usr/lib.
> Of course, I did it with addwrite /usr/lib and some sed trickery (could not
> find haddock-base), but wanted to have more clean solution by patching Makefile.

That would be preferable. An install target that supports DESTDIR is a 
nice preferable solution for most projects. Not necessarily the easiest 
to implement though, but it depends on the build system.

>>Although having said that, I can't get wxHaskell stuff to link properly 
>>on my Gentoo box at the moment, probably because my OpenGL setup is 
>>rather broken.
> Do you have some wxhaskell ebuild handy?

No, I installed it by hand. I can have a go at writing an ebuild 
although if as you say wxHaskell writes into /usr/lib then a Makefile 
patch is probably in order. As I mentioned though, my wxHaskell is 
currently a bit broken so I'm going to have to sort that out first. 
Although I suspect the broken bit might actually be wxWidgets.

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