[Haskell] Announce: wxHaskell 0.6

Matthew Walton matthew at alledora.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 11:29:30 EST 2004

Gour wrote:

> Daan Leijen (daanleijen at xs4all.nl) wrote:
> Hi Daan!
>>This new release fixes many bugs, adds basic support for MDI
>>applications and compiles with the latest CVS snapshots of wxWidgets.
>>For now, only an installer for windows is provided.
> Thank you very much for your cosntant work on wxHaskell. I hope in the future
> I'll find more time for wx(Haskell). At the moment I'm busys trying to 
> build ghc-6.2 from the source on win98 (in MSYS env) since released version
> is not usable.
> (Again), I have one suggestion for wxHaskell: to combine doc & src packages
> into one - wxhaskell-x-xx. That will provide (easier) writing Gentoo ebuild 
> and integration into official tree. (I'm sure it can be included - it's getting
> mature & regularly maintained).

Plenty of ebuilds seem to work from multiple source packages... I can't 
see a particular difficulty in writing one that installs wxHaskell 
source and documentation simultaneously.

Although having said that, I can't get wxHaskell stuff to link properly 
on my Gentoo box at the moment, probably because my OpenGL setup is 
rather broken.

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