[Haskell] KDevelop & Haskell

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Mon Jan 26 21:39:27 EST 2004

> I've 'discovered' that latest KDevelop (3.0) has some sort of support for 
> Haskell development.

like what? seriously, what features would you _use_?
> Although pretty new to Haskell, I'm looking for adequate IDE and would like
> to hear if someone can share his/her experiences in using KDevelop (or some
> other) IDE for Haskell development?
> (otherwise I'm light vim user, so pls. don't recommend me to learn emacs :-)

so what's wrong with vim?-)

syntax highlighting comes factory-installed, lots of the programmer's editor 
features can be adapted for Haskell (more than most IDEs, and programmable,
just as in emacs, but who has time to read the manuals to find all the features
these two editorides provide? would you believe that most Haskellers haven't
even set up their editor properly with Hugs, because they don't know that
would give them access to an age-old jump-to-definition feature?-),

(this is a bit older, so I don't know whether it still works with current
Hugs versions; the ghci variant was never really developed because
ghci didn't give out as much useful information as Hugs did)

(this is current, and should eventually include most of the former
Vim mode, not to mentions lots of other fascinating features:)

(who's been asking for ages that Haskell implementations provide
standard APIs, for IDEs such as vim and emacs and other tools to hook
into; and who is therefore happy to notice some recent and promising

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