Compiling HXML toolbox under Hugs/Windows

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at
Thu Jan 22 13:53:28 EST 2004

Graham Klyne wrote:

> I'm looking through the GHC source distribution kit for the implementation 
> of the Posix stuff used by POpen, with a view to possibly using that as a 
> source of clues for implementing similar functionality (to POpen) under MS 
> Windows, but so far I'm struggling.
> I have found an implementation of popen in the GHC dustribution, in 
> hslibs/posix (but not, apparently, in the hierachical library tree), which 
> appears to be functionally the same as that distributed with HXML Toolbox.
> I see what appears to be a forkProcess primitive implemented in a file 
> ghc/rts/Schedule.c (but not for Windows, of course), but I don't see any 
> corresponding Haskell source file with a corresponding declaration.


> I cannot find *any* reference to fdClose (another function that is
> used by popen).


> I'm mainly looking for examples of interfacing from Haskell to low-level C 
> code on Windows.  Also useful would be sample Windows code that executes a 
> program and captures its stdout, etc., but I guess I'm more likely to find 
> that elsewhere.
> Does anyone have any helpful pointers to offer?


[These are all from 5.04.2; the paths may have changed to somewhere
beneath libraries/ in 6.x, but the filenames will probably be the

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