Any versions of Fudgets working with GHC-6?

Thomas Hallgren hallgren at
Wed Jan 21 13:15:53 EST 2004

Henrik Berg wrote:

>... I was able to compile Fudgets when I removed 6.0.1, using
>only 5.04.3.
>Still don't understand why I coudn't get it compile with 6.0.1,
fudgets-030806.src.tar.gz compiles with GHC 6.0.1.

Fudgets does not yet compile with GHC 6.2, however, since _casm_ (which 
very conveniently allowed you to include C code fragments in your 
Haskell code) is no longer supported. For example, the Fudget library 
uses the following C preprocessor macro

#define SETI(ctype,p,i,field,v) (_casm_ ``((ctype *)%0)[%1].field=%2;'' ((p)::HT(ctype)) (i) (v) :: IO ())

to store values in arrays of records of various types. Is there a 
convenient way to do things like this without _casm_?

Thomas H

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