GHC source bitten by the ghost of DOS

Graham Klyne gk at
Wed Jan 14 17:46:17 EST 2004

I've just been bitten by the ghost of DOS when trying to unpack the source 
kit for GHC on a Windows (XP) system.  It appears that the filename AUX is 
reserved (still crazy after all these years?).

Unfortunately, the GHC source kit contains a file aux.dtd in

So, when trying to copy this to my working system, I get strange errors 
that this file cannot be created.

It's not a big deal for me -- I just unpacked the tar file on my Linux 
server machine, renamed the offending file, and the copy then works 
fine.  But for Windows users without a Linux box to fall back on, this 
might be problematic.  Maybe it's worth using another filename?


Graham Klyne
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