[Haskell] Re: Data.Set whishes

Chris Moline cmoline at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 26 15:54:27 EST 2004

Alastair Reid <alastair at reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk> wrote:
> Haskell's module system provides a way for a module to merge multiple
> modules into one but provides no way to eliminate any ambiguities this
> may create.  If we want to be able to use names like 'create' instead
> of 'createFont', we need to change the module system.  The obvious fix
> would have some of the flavour of the ML module system where a module
> can export a structured list of names instead of exporting a flat list
> of names.

i'm not familiar with ml's module system so i don't know if my
suggestion is the same or similar, but could a good solution be to allow
modules to be exported as qualified modules? for example

module Graphics (
  module Font qualified,
  module Color qualified,
  module Window qualified,
) where ...

chris moline

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