[Haskell] CVS access library in Haskell?

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Mon Feb 23 10:23:02 EST 2004

This sounds to me like a candidate for POpen, which is available under Unix 
and firends, but not (yet) fully under Windows.  (I'm nibbling at that, 

(The POpen module allows one to run an external command-line utility, and 
connect Haskell file streams (terminology?) to the program's standard input 
and output.  With this, I expect you could use a standard CVS client to do 
what you need.)


At 08:05 23/02/04 +0100, Jan Scheffczyk wrote:
>Hi all,
>does anyone know of a Haskell library that provides access to CVS
>controlled files?
>Access libraries to other revision control systems, e.g., subversion
>or arch, would also be greatly appreciated.
>Yes, I know of darcs, which is great work I think.
>Still, direct CVS access is of importance.
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