[Haskell] Making Haskell web development easier

S. Alexander Jacobson alex at i2x.com
Sat Feb 7 19:17:18 EST 2004

I decided to try developing a web app using
Haskell/HaskellWebServer/HaXML and found the
barriers both very high and perhaps easily

Could someone out there:
1. Provide a link to the Haskell web server CODE
   on <http://www.haskell.org/practice.html> (or,
   if it has been end of lifed, remove it from
   the CVS repository)

2. Document anon CVS access to haskell.org in some obvious location?

3. Add a README for the package saying
   * this the package doesn't build with enclosed Makefile
   * this the package doesn't buld on win32 because it depends on the posix package
   * STRONGLY suggest that people use the sourceforge package rather than this one

Also, what does it take to get posix/HWS working on win32?

I suspect that much of posix is easily portable,
but that a few functions are not.  I don't know if
HWS is dependent on these functions?  If HWS (and
other packages) actually use the portable subset
of posix, perhaps it makes sense to create a
separate posix_LowestCommonDenominator package.

If not, how much effort is involved in making the
posix package work on win32?


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