[Haskell] hirarchical module system qualifiers

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Apr 8 12:23:51 EDT 2004

"Iavor S. Diatchki" <diatchki at cse.ogi.edu> writes:

> i would like to propose that by default, the qualified names introduced by an
> import are just the last part of the module name, and not the entire module name.

When originally proposing the hierarchical module namespace, I
recognised this potential annoyance, and came up with the same solution
as you, although I framed it as an optional extra in case people were
not immediately convinced of the need.  nhc98 implements it.

Having said that, I don't use qualified naming very often myself,
so I don't recall ever taking advantage of the feature.

> i also speculate that such a change should be relatively easy to implement.

It is pretty easy, yes.


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