[Haskell] hirarchical module system qualifiers

Iavor S. Diatchki diatchki at cse.ogi.edu
Wed Apr 7 14:34:22 EDT 2004

i have been using the hirarchical module system quite a bit lately,
and i often find myself writing things like:

import Syntax.Core.Struct as Struct
import Utils.Set as Set

this is not a big bother, but it leads to clutter, and a few times i got 
becasue i forgot to add the "as" clause.

i would like to propose that by default, the qualified names introduced 
by an
import are just the last part of the module name, and not the entire 
module name.

the downside of this proposal is that it makes the "." in the module 
name mean something,
but i am not sure that this is a bad thing.

i think such a change should not break many programs, as i suspect not
many people use qualified names, where the qualifiers are more than one 
"word" long.

i also speculate that such a change should be relatively easy to implement.

another benefit of such a change is that it makes export lists shorter.
for example, currently one needs to write the following:

module Syntax.Core.Struct (module Syntax.Core.Struct, module Names) where
import Syntax.Core.Names as Names

there doesn't seem to be a work around this, as we cannot give an 
qualifier for the module we are defining. if the qualifier however was 
just the last part of the name,
we would have shorter exports (and also shorter qualifiers for locally 
defined names).

i am curious to hear what people think about that.


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