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Steffen Mazanek steffen.mazanek at
Mon Oct 27 22:08:29 EST 2003


I have thought again about the relationship of Haskell 
and XML. Finally I come up with the following idea. Why
not introduce a Haskell DTD? Not to gain better literate
programming facilities, but to represent _real_ Haskell
code in XML. Of course, no person would like to "program"
Haskell in XML, but a uniform representation has its
advantages nevertheless (cf. openmath [1]):

* approved tools for further processing
* separation of the presentation layer, pretty printing
* interoperability
* cross-linking (e.g., generating library summaries or
  in the manner of funnelweb [2], but xml-style)
* objects are often serializable as xml, too
The following questions are still open for me:

* would the literate programming facilities really be 
  improved? for now, Haskell plays nice with LaTeX, but
  not at all with XML
* possible advantages of xml schema?

What do you think about this? Do you see even more
advantages of this approach or would it be senseless

Steffen Mazanek


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