College Student

mary lee
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 21:11:19 -0800 (PST)

To : Mr. Frank A.

I am recently doing my assignment on Haskell at my
college.  I am just new on Haskell programming. I
would like to request if you can teach me for just few
programming rules on Haskell.  It is my most
appreciation to learn from you.


May i know how to open file, put record entry and just
read it from its database.  How to do a simple input
and output for acquire user options using functional
programming.  It is very important for me to learn
Haskell in a proper way.  It will lead me to write a
good documentation.  A good understanding on
programming is good.  I am good in Visual Basic,
Pascal, Cobol, C++ and also JAVA.  But facing
functional programming is a real problem for me.  

Now i have doing a simple Haskell programming on the
way.  I just know how to import file, declare types
and display output.

Your help and guidelines is most appreciated.

Lee Ling Ling

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