ANNOUNCE: hmake-3.00

Malcolm Wallace
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:57:04 +0000

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.00 of 'hmake',
the Haskell program compilation manager.

Features of hmake:
    * compiler independent
    * aware of .hi files in re-compilation analysis
    * respects cpp directives
    * supplies an optional Hugs-like interactive environment (hi)

New features in 3.00:
    * improved detection and configuration of compilers
    * multiple compilers of the same type are now permitted simultaneously
      (e.g. ghc 4.08 + 5.02)
    * you can refer to compilers by simple name or absolute paths
    * a new separate tool 'hmake-config' manages hmakerc files
    * various Haskell preprocessors are now recognised and invoked
      (e.g. happy, hsc2hs, c2hs, greencard) if the corresponding file
      extension is found (.ly/.y, .hsc, .chs, .gc)
    * hooks for the forthcoming compiler-independent Haskell tracing
      system ('portable' Hat) are included

Bug reports:
    Please send bug reports for 'hmake' to the mailing list