Mondrian & Haskell for .NET release version

Nigel Perry
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 08:40:38 +1300

For those of you interested, Mondrian and Haskell for .NET are 
available for the release version of Microsoft's .NET platform - see 

Mondrian is a simple functional language designed to inter-work with 
OO languages, and integrates well into .NET and with other languages 
running on .NET.

Haskell for .NET is a partial implementation of Haskell - it consists 
of a modified version of GHC 4.08 which produces an intermediate code 
which the Mondrian compiler then digests. It is partial in that not 
all the run time libraries of GHC have been compiled (there is a lot 
of low-level code in them), but most of the core libraries are there 
with the exception of floating point (that low-level code again). A 
sense of its completeness may be guesstimated by the fact that it 
compiles the Mondrian compiler.

Why only GHC 4.08? Well our changes to GHC clashed with other changes 
when the GHC 5 merge was taking place, we lost to the other changes 
(no complaints, one or the other had to win!). This rather stifled 
further work on Haskell. I'm currently seeking a student to work on a 
compiler from the new GHC Core output, and if one comes along Haskell 
will get a boost, if not it probably won't. But then, there is always 

Have fun. And yes there are holes...

Nigel Perry, New Zealand