FME 2002 Tool Demonstrations Call For Participation

Paul Mukherjee
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 15:32:03 +0100

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FME 2002: Tool Demonstrations Call For Participation

Formal Methods: Getting IT Right
International Symposium

22-24 July 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark

The FME 2002 International Symposium will feature tool demonstrations. =20

Builders and vendors of tools that support the use of formal methods
will be able to demonstrate these tools, both in private sessions and
in more formal presentations. =20

FME 2002 will be held as part of of the third Federated Logic
Conference (FLoC'02). Tool demonstrators will therefore have an
audience drawn from over 30 co-located symposia, conferences and
workshops. =20

The FME 2002 Symposium

FME 2002 is the eleventh in a series of symposia organised by Formal
Methods Europe, an independent association whose aim is to stimulate
the use of, and research on, formal methods for software
development. These symposia have been notably successful in bringing
together a community of users, researchers, and developers of precise
mathematical methods for software development.

The theme of FME 2002 is Formal Methods: Getting IT Right. The double
meaning is intentional. On the one hand, the theme acknowledges the
significant contribution formal methods can make to Information
Technology, by enabling computer systems to be described precisely and
reasoned about with rigour. On the other hand, it recognises that
current formal methods are not perfect, and further research and
practice are required to improve their foundations, applicability and=20


Demonstration stands: a limited number of monitors are available free
of charge, on a first- come first-serve basis. Further equipment may
be hired locally, at the expense of the exhibitor.=20


Other than the normal conference registration fee, the basic cost of
exhibiting at FME 2002 is free. However any special facilities used by
exhibitors will be charged to the exhibitor at cost price (see

Registration & Contact

For further information, or to register as a tool demonstrator at FME
2002, contact the tool demonstrations coordinator:=20

Dr Paul Mukherjee
Systematic Software Engineering A/S=20


The deadline for registration is **June 21st 2002**.

Paul Mukherjee (