Compiler problem or dumb mistake?
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 10:54:02 -0500 (EST)

Further to my earlier post on the same subject: 

The problem seems to be not in my code, but in some sort of nasty 
interaction between thread dispatching, the trace function, and 
possibly, Gtk: It appears that trace dumps what is expected (indicating
execution of functions that I thought weren't being executed) when I click
on windows displayed by GTK+hs in another thread (many thanks to Manuel
Chakravarty for solving a nasty problem there). Please note that the
thread containing the code in which trace seems to be failing does in fact
appear to be executing to completion, although I am not yet able to
determine whether execution is correct (the code is only partially

Anyone want to stick their fingers into this one? (I have lots of burn
ointment if you're afraid of the heat :) ). 

Murray Gross