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  ************* DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: MONDAY 6th MAY **************

  N.B. No extension of the deadline is envisaged(!) - but contact the
  organizer if you missed the first CFP and need an extra day or two.

  AS 2002                     <http://www.brics.dk/Projects/AS/2002/>

  4th International Workshop on 


  Copenhagen, Denmark, July 21, 2002         Affiliated with FME 2002

  Action Semantics is a practical framework for formal semantic
  description of programming languages. Since its appearance in 1992,
  Action Semantics has been used to describe major languages such as
  Pascal, SML, ANDF, and Java, and various tools for processing action
  semantic descriptions have been developed.

  The AS 2002 workshop is to report recent developments, demonstrate
  tools, and coordinate future work. A special topic at this workshop
  is to assess the relative strengths of Action Semantics and the ASM
  (Abstract State Machine) framework.

  AS 2002 is intended primarily for those working with Action
  Semantics and (loosely-)related frameworks, but participation is
  open to all who are familiar with the basic ideas of Action
  Semantics. See the Proceedings of the previous workshops in this
  series for an impression of what to expect: 
  AS 2000 <http://www.brics.dk/NS/00/6/>, 
  AS'99 <http://www.brics.dk/NS/99/3/>, and
  AS'94 <http://www.brics.dk/NS/94/1/BRICS-NS-94-1/>.

  Abstracts of the accepted presentations will be made available
  electronically. Copies will be handed out at the workshop. The AS
  2002 Proceedings with extended abstracts/full papers is to be
  published in the BRICS Notes Series in November 2002.

  Those wishing to give a presentation at the AS 2002 workshop should
  submit a 1-page abstract.

  For further information see the AS 2002 web page at

  Invited speaker:

   *** EGON BÍRGER, U Pisa, Italy:

       Comparing ASMs with other computation models 
       and approaches to semantics

  Important dates:

     * Fri May 17, 2002 - program announced
     * Tue October 15, 2002 - extended abstracts / full papers due


     Peter D. Mosses <pdmosses@brics.dk>
     BRICS & Dept. of Computer Science
     University of Aarhus
     Ny Munkegade, bldg. 540
     DK-8000 Aarhus C, DENMARK
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