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patrick mwananaga patricknanapaga@yahoo.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 05:39:09 +0200

I am aware that it is amazing when a business proposal letter come From Some one that you Don=22t know however=2C you address was to the consideration of your profile and i became aware of your credibility and co-operation in this transaction that would be profitable to both of us=2E
I am Mr Patrick Mwananaga=2E The son of Dr Nanapanga Mwananaga=2EFinance Minister of Democratic Republic of Congo=28DRC=29=2Cpresently i am in the Netherlands on a senior Legal Management course=2E Recently I was contacted by my father over the issue am to explain=2EDr Nanapanga Mwananaga was appointed the finance Minister in the government of president Laurent Desire Kabila of the Democratic Republic of congo=28DRC=29=2CBeing close friend and also old school mate of president Laurent Desire Kabila=2C make them have trust in each other=2E
Early Last year=2Ca contract was awarded to a foreign company in congo minig corporation on Diamond mining=2EBefore the contract was awarded to the foreign firm=2Ca required amount was Agreed upon and was paid by the contrecting company to ensure that it is their favour=2E The money paid was =28US$15=2E 500=2E000=2E00 Million United State Dollars=29 and was paid to the then president kabila through his finance minister Dr Nanapanga Mwananaga=2EThere after the whole money was de-faced to avoid being traced by their political rivals=2Cand was moved out to the Netherland through diplomatic channel=2E Now the box containing the money is with a financial deposit company in the Netherlands=2E Deposited as photographic materials with out the deposit company knowing the exact contents of the box=2C because the entire money was intentionally de-faced out mint stage=2E The code to the deposited box and the certificate of deposit and all the transfer documents are still with my father in congo=2Cwhich will be send as soon as a trusted confident partner is found=2EUnfortunately president Laurent Kabila whom my father had his arrangement with was attacked in his home town=2C by one of his own body guard=2C but did not survive=2Enow that his son has succeeds him=2Cl will want us to use this opportunity to move the money out from the Netherlands to another safe place you will provide=2Elf you accept this proposal and ready to corporate with out directives you will be rewarded with 25% of the total sum=2CAll areas for the smooth transaction is already being taken care off=2EBe rest assured that this business will attract no risk=2EFor more clarification=2Cyou are to use the above telephone or e-mail=2E
Yours sincerely
Mr Patrick Mwananaga=2E