Announce+Question: jDrIFT

Malcolm Wallace
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 11:47:29 +0100

John Meacham <> writes:

> In Any case i made a prerelease of my modified version available at:
> but would like to somehow merge with the main development tree of this
> tool, if one exists, if it doesnt look like that will happen then
> perhaps i will have to branch to a new maintained DrIFT inspired
> project.

Noel Winstanley (Glasgow) was the original author of DrIFT, but
as far as I know, he no longer maintains it.  He authorised me to
host DrIFT at York ( after it was
updated to Haskell'98, and I also distribute it as part of the HaXml
package, where it has received occasional bugfixes.  In addition,
there is an older and unmaintained version in the ghc CVS tree
(under hslibs/tools).

If you wish to `adopt' DrIFT and become its maintainer, that's great
(but check with Noel first).  I'd be happy to make HaXml dependent on
your version of DrIFT rather than distributing DrIFT as part of HaXml.
It would be ideal if you could make DrIFT available by CVS as well
as in a stable pre-packaged form.  I'm sure would
offer web space and would offer CVS space to host
this project.