ANN: H98 FFI Addendum 1.0, Release Candidate 4

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 22:07:56 +1000

Dear Haskell Community,

Release Candidate 4 of the Haskell 98 FFI Addendum is now
available from

Changes since RC1 are summarised below.

Please check this version for problems.  If there are no
problems reported within the coming month, I would propose
to make RC4 into the final 1.0 definition.



* 5.8: Clarified documentation for `'.
* 5.8: Added `MarshalAlloc.realloc'.
* 3: Added the new safety level `threadsafe' with an
  explanation at the end of 3.3 (this has been prompted by
  Sigbjorn Finne's addition of OS thread to GHC)
* 3: Replaced the nontermional `entity' by `impent' and
  `expent' to distinguish between import and export entities
  (as they are defined differently in later sections).
* 3.2: Clarified the description of foreign types; in the
  previous discussion, `IO ()' was strictly speaking not
  included as a valid return type.
* 4.1.5: New section discussing the traps & pitfalls of type
  promotion with C bindings.
* Renamed the functions constructing `ErrorType's, as
  `userError' collided with a function name in the Prelude.
* Various minor fixes