Announcement: WASH/CGI 1.0

Peter Thiemann
25 Apr 2002 11:37:30 +0200

		   Web Authoring System for Haskell

WASH/CGI is an embedded DSL for server-side Web scripting based on the
purely functional programming language Haskell. Its implementation is based 
on the portable common gateway interface (CGI) supported by virtually all
Web servers. WASH/CGI offers a unique and fully-typed approach to Web
scripting. It offers the following features
* a monadic interface to generating HTML output
* type-safe compositional approach to specifying form elements
* callback-style programming interface for forms
* automatic error detection
* complete interactive script in one program
* type-safe interfaces to state with different scopes: interaction,
  persistent client-side (cookie-style), persistent server-side
* integration with CSS yields compositional style descriptions
* on-the-fly generated graphics
* high-level interface to email generation

Download WASH-CGI-1.0 from