how to call Fortran Procedures in Haskell Program?

Alastair Reid
21 Apr 2002 21:51:31 +0100

>    Does anybody know how to call Fortran procedures in Haskell
> program? I tried Green Card, but seems it only works with C codes.

Most of our effort has gone into interfacing to C (and, to some
extent, C++, Java, .net, etc.) - in fact, I'm not sure that we really
know enough about Fortran calling conventions to do a decent job
interfacing directly to Fortran.

So, what I'd do is write little C wrappers for your fortran code or,
if your compiler supports it, declare your fortran functions as using
the C calling convention and then use one of the many tools for C: raw
ffi, greencard, c2hs, etc.

Alastair Reid