ANNOUNCE: HOpenGL 1.02 released

Sven Panne
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 22:30:52 +0200

             HOpenGL, a Haskell binding for OpenGL and GLUT
                              version 1.02

I am pleased to announce the thirteenth release of the Haskell binding
for GL 1.2.1 / GLU 1.3 / GLUT 3.7beta. It offers easy access to *the*
industrial strength 3D graphics API and a GUI toolkit. More details
about HOpenGL can be found at


This is a mainly a compatibility release for >= GHC-5.x, including some
minor extensions. What's new:

    * Added support for 3D textures: texImage3D, texSubImage3D,

    * Added a "make install" target to add a HOpenGL package to
      GHC. This makes using HOpenGL much easier: A simple

         ghc -package HOpenGL --make MyCoolApp.hs

      is enough for most applications.

    * GLUT exports its own versions of System.exit{With,Failure} now to
      avoid GHC's problems of those functions if they were issued
      during callbacks.

    * Fixed quite a few library incompatibilities for GHC >= 5.02.

    * Fixed some minor GLU incompatibilities.

    * Fixed GLUT game mode exports, so you could actually use it now! :-}

    * Changed configure to detect the native (i.e. non-Mesa) OpenGL as
      the default. This is more conforming with the OpenGL ABI spec.

    * Re-animated --with-hc and --with-green-card configure flags.

HOpenGL-1.02 has been tested on the following platforms:

    * ix86, SuSE Linux 7.3, Mesa 3.4.2, bleeding edge GHC from CVS

    * ix86, Windows 2000, Cygwin (DLL 1.3.10), NVIDIA DetonatorXP
    * drivers 28.32, GHC 5.02.3 and 5.03-20020204

    * SPARC, Solaris 2.7, Mesa 4.0.2, GHC 5.02.3

It should work on any platform with a recent GHC, too. As always,
feedback and/or patches are highly welcome.

Have fun!