Haskell Web Publisher --- help wanted

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang@jeltsch.net
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 01:15:07 +0200

Hello Haskell freaks,
I'm developing some software which I call the "Haskell Web Publisher". This 
software shall allow the implementation of websites in Haskell and will 
consist mainly of Haskell modules providing the necessary types and 
variables. By using HWP, website implementors shall be able to write clear 
and problem-oriented website implementations. In addition, many errors (e.g. 
"broken links") shall be prevented by compiler checks. This shall be achieved 
by using Haskell's type system appropriately.
I have written some kind of paper about the basic ideas which can, at the 
moment, be downloaded by using the following URI:
I decided to exclude all the code from HWP which may also be useful for other 
software This code will form a separate library called Seaweed.
During the last 2 1/2 years I worked on the described kind of software. Last 
year I decided to revise some of the code and to rewrite the rest of it. In 
conjunction with this I made the split into Seaweed and HWP and began hosting 
these projects on Sourceforge (now Sourceforge.net). The respective URI are 
Because I didn't have the time, I didn't rewrite the existing HWP stuff and 
didn't write what is missing of HWP until now. I only worked on the Seaweed 
part. Some of the resulting code is already in the CVS repository, and some 
code is on my harddisk and will, hopefully, be checked in during April/May. 
If somebody should be interested, I can also send him/her the code from 
before the revision/rewrite phase which covers some of the more interesting 
stuff of HWP, namely code for realising the compiler checks mentioned above.
Now let me come to the aim of this e-mail. I'm looking for people who are 
interested in helping me realising HWP and Seaweed. Because I develop these 
things only in my free time, finishing them is far away if it's only me who 
is working on them. So if someone of you is interested in taking part in the 
development process, please, please write me! Thank you in advance!
Okay, I will finish now and I hope for reply.

Ciao, Wolfgang