Michel Barbeau
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 16:25:04 -0400

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Michel Barbeau
School of Computer Science, Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6
Phone: (613) 520-2600 x 1644  Fax: (613) 520-4334
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              2nd IFIP International Conference on

                                    (TCS 2002)

                       Montreal, August 25-30, 2002

                  co-sponsored by  EATCS and ACM SIGACT


TRACK A - Algorithms, Complexity, Models of Computations

Jochen Alber, Jiri Fiala
Geometric Separation and Exact Solutions for the Parameterized
Independent Set Problem on Disk Graphs

Nikhil Bansal, Zhen Liu, Arvind Sankar
Bin-Packing with Fragile Objects

S. Bespamyatnikh, B. Bhattacharya, D. Kirkpatrick, M. Segal
Lower and upper bounds for tracking mobile servers

Alina Beygelzimer, Mitsunori Ogihara
On the enumerability of the determinant and the rank

Beate Bollig, Stephan Waack, Philipp Woelfel
Parity Graph-driven Read-Once Branching Programs and an
Exponential Lower Bound for Integer Multiplication

Vasco Brattka, Martin Ziegler
Computability of Linear Equations

G. Calinescu. I.I. Mandoiu, A. Zelikovsky
Symmetric connectivity with minimum power consumption in radio networks

Olivier Carton, VÈronique BruyËre
Hierarchy among Automata on Linear Orderings

Z. Chen
A Modified Recursive Triangular Factorization  for Cauchy-like Systems of Linear Equations

M. Cieliebak, T. Erlebach, Z. Liptak, J. Stoye, E. Welzl
Algorithmic complexity of protein identification: searching in weighted strings

Alessandro Dal Palu`, Enrico Pontelli, Desh Ranjan
An Efficient Parallel Pointer Machine Algorithm for Nearest-Common Ancestor Problem
M. Duflot, L. Fribourg, C. Picaronny
Randomized dining philosophers without fairness assumption

Alon Efrat, Sariel Ar-Peled
Locating guards in Art Galleries

Leszek Gasieniec, Igor Potapov
Gossiping with Single Messages in Radio Networks

Nicolas Hanusse, Dimitris Kavvadias, Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc
Memoryless Search Algorithms in a Network with Faulty Advice

Lane A. Hemaspaandra, Mayur Thakur
Rice-Style Theorems in Complexity Theory

Matthew Hertz, Neil Immerman,  J. Eliot,  B. Moss
Framework for Analyzing Garbage Collection

Christopher M. Homan, Mayur Thakur
One-Way Permutations and Self-Witnessing Languages

Klaus Jansen, Hu Zhang
Approximation Algorithms for General Packing Problems with Modified
Logarithmic Potential Function

Gregory Lafitte
On randomness and infinity

A. Pagourtzis, P. Penna, K. Schlude, K. Steinhofel, D.S. Taylor, P. Widmayer
Server placements, roman domination and other dominating set variants

B. S. Panda, Sajal K. Das
A Linear Time Algorithm for Finding Tree 3-Spanner on 2-Trees

Joerg Rothe, Holger Spakowski, Joerg Vogel
Exact Complexity of Exact-Four-Colorability and of the Winner Problem for Young Elections

Paolo Santi, Douglas M. Blough, Mauro Leoncini, Giovanni Resta
On the Symmetric Range Assignment Problem in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Tomoyuki Yamakami
Quantum NP and Quantum Operator

Marius Zimand
Probabilistically checkable proofs the easy way

TRACK B - Logic, Semantics, Specification and Verification

Patrick Baillot
Checking Polynomial Time Complexity with Types

Chiara Braghin, Agostino Cortesi, Riccardo Focardi, Steffen van Bakel
Boundary Inference for Enforcing Security Policies in Mobile Ambients

Hana Chockler, Orna Kupferman
Coverage of Implementations by Simulating Specifications

Giovanni Conforti, Orlando Ferrara, Giorgio Ghelli
TQL Algebra and its Implementation

Dino Distefano, Arend Rensink, Joost-Pieter Katoen
Model Checking Birth and Death

Matthew Fluet, Riccardo Pucella
Phantom Types and Subtyping

Rachid Guerraoui, Petr Kouznetsov
On the Weakest Failure Detector for Non-Blocking Atomic Commit

Martin Hyland, Gordon Plotkin, John Power
Combining Computational Effects: commutativity & sum

Salvatore La Torre, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Aniello Murano
Optimal-Reachability and Control for Acyclic Weighted Timed Automata

Daniel Leivant
Substructural Verification and Computational Feasibility

Stephane Lengrand, Dan Dougherty, Pierre Lescanne
An Improved System of Intersection Types for Explicit Substitutions

Aline Brum Loreto, Laira Vieira Toscani, Leila Ribeiro
Decidability and Tractability of a Problem in Object-Based Graph Grammars

Fabio Martinelli
About Compositional Analysis of  Pi-Calculus Processes

Catuscia Palamidessi, Oltea Milhaela Herescu
A Randomized Encoding of the Pi-Calculus with Mixed Choice

I.C.C. Phillips, M.G. Vigliotti
On Reduction Semantics for the Push and Pull Ambient  Calculus

Alan Schmitt
Safe Dynamic Binding in the Join Calculus

Olivier Serre
Vectorial Languages and Linear Temporal Logic

Scott D. Stoller
A Bound on Attacks on Authentication Protocols

Xiaogang Zhang, John Potter
Responsive Bisimulation