Rijk J. C. van Haaften
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 17:29:16 +0200

Dear all,

Using a download manager, I 'managed to download'
the Object IO library. Get DLExpert from (not at rocket speed, but 
not too bad)
or from the developer directly (very, very, very slow) (slow)

Then, use DLExpert to download the both Object IO files:

Use the maximum number of threads (1000) to download the file,
or wait a long time (using 30 threads takes an hour).

A few more points:
The zip file is NOT corrupt :-)
I'm sorry I don't have room to put the ObjectIO lib online as I did with 
the reference:-(
With DLExpert, you can download the file in 5 minutes
People at the Computer Science departement, Utrecht University: look in