docon-2.04 announcement

Serge D. Mechveliani
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 13:52:05 +0400


The Algebraic Domain Constructor  DoCon-2.04,
a computer algebra program written in Haskell,
is available at

What is new
* Performancec tests for comparison to popular Axiom and MuPAD
  computer algebra programs (`strict' and non-functional systems)
  are refreshed and extended (see;
* DoCon was tested under the releases of  ghc-5.02.2, 5.02.3;
* Manual has become more readable, and it is in Postscript format;
* Manual explains the relation of DoCon to Aldor language and
  Axiom system.

DoCon-2.04 is a program package written in what we call
Haskell-2-pre  - certain functional extension of  Haskell-98.
Haskell-2-pre   includes the   multiparametric classes,  overlapping
instances, other minor features.

DoCon-2.04 was tested under  ghc-5.02.2, 5.02.3.
Probably, it can be ported (with some effort) to other implementations.

Serge Mechveliani