2nd Call for Papers: 7th ERCIM FMICS (Malaga, Spain) July 12-13, 2002

Hubert Garavel Hubert Garavel <Hubert.Garavel@inrialpes.fr>
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:27:46 +0200 (MEST)

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*                      ---   CALL FOR PAPERS  ---
* 7th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems 
*                             (FMICS 02) 
*                      University of Málaga (Spain) 
*                            July 12-13, 2002
*                Colocated with the 29th ICALP conference
*              http://www.inrialpes.fr/vasy/fmics/workshop-7

The aim of the FMICS workshops is to provide a forum for researchers who are 
interested in the development and application of formal methods in industry.
In particular, these workshops should bring together scientists who are 
active in the area of formal methods and interested in exchanging their 
experiences in the industrial usage of these methods. They also aim at the 
promotion of research and development for the improvement of formal methods 
and tools for industrial applications. 

Topics include, but are not restricted to: 

   - Tools for the design and development of formal descriptions 
   - Verification and validation of complex, distributed, real-time systems 
     and embedded systems 
   - Verification and validation methods that aim at circumventing 
     shortcomings of existing methods in respect to their industrial 
   - Formal methods based conformance, interoperability and performance 
   - Case studies and project reports on formal methods related projects with
     industrial participation (e.g. safety critical systems, mobile systems, 
     object-based distributed systems) 
   - Application of formal methods in standardization and industrial forums 

Previous Workshops of the ERCIM working group on formal methods for Industrial
Critical Systems were held in Oxford (March 1996), Cesena (July 1997), 
Amsterdam (May 1998),Trento (July 1999), Berlin (April 2000), and Paris 
(July 2001).

The Seventh International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical 
Systems (FMICS 02) will take place in Málaga on July 12-13, 2002, in 
co-location with the 29th ICALP conference. 


    Andrew Gordon (Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK) 
    Wang Yi (Uppsala University, Sweden) 


    T. Arts (Ericsson, S) 
    M. Bernardo (Univ. of Urbino, I) 
    R. Cleaveland (SUNY and Reactive Systems, USA), co-chair 
    W.J. Fokkink (CWI, NL) 
    H. Garavel (INRIA Rhone-Alpes, F), co-chair 
    S. Gnesi (CNR/IEI Pisa, I) 
    P. Godefroid (Bell Labs, USA) 
    H. Hermanns (Univ. Twente, NL) 
    T. Margaria (METAFrame Technologies, D) 
    P. Merino Gómez (Univ. Málaga, E), organization chair 
    I. Schieferdecker (GMD Berlin, D) 
    S. Schneider (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) 
    M. Sighireanu (University of Paris-7 Jussieu, F) 
    R. de Simone (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, F) 
    U. Ultes-Nitsche (University of Southampton, UK) 
    A. Valmari (Tampere University of Technology, Fi) 
    W. Visser (RIACS/NASA Ames, USA) 


All the local organising committee members belong to the Software Engineering
Group of the University of Málaga. 
    M. del Mar Gallardo 
    P. López 
    J. Martínez 
    P. Merino 


    => Deadline for submission: April 21, 2002

    => Accept/Reject notification: May 15, 2002

    => Final manuscript: June 12, 2002

    => Tool demo proposals: May 3, 2002 (contact Hubert.Garavel@inrialpes.fr)

    => Workshop: July 12-13, 2002

*** SUBMISSIONS (updated February 11, 2002) ***

Papers submitted to FMICS 02 must be in English and present original research
that is unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere.

The proceedings of the workshop will be published physically by the University
of Málaga and will appear in the ENTCS series (Electronic Notes in Theoretical
Computer Science).  This series is published online using the facilities of
Elsevier Science and is reviewed by both the Mathematical Reviews of the AMS
and the ACM's Computing Reviews. Additionally, the Table of Contents and
Abstracts are published in the journal Theoretical Computer Science as they
appear online. 

Papers submitted to FMICS 02 should be between 10 and 16 pages, with a clear 
abstract and list of keywords. Since papers published in ENTCS must be
formatted uniformly, it is advised to follow the instructions for
authors of papers in ENTCS volumes (http://math.tulane.edu/~entcs).

Papers should be submitted by e-mail to fmics02@inrialpes.fr. The format 
should be either standard PostScript (printable by any PostScript device) or
PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format). In both cases, one should use only
vectorial ("Type 1") fonts and not bitmap fonts.
In case of acceptance of a paper at least one author must present the 
contribution at the workshop, otherwise it will be removed from the list of 

It is expected that a special journal issue will be devoted to a sampling of
papers presented at FMICS 2002.  Since 1998, six special issues related to
FMICS have been published (or will appear) in prestigious journals such as
Formal Aspects of Computing, Formal Methods in System Design, and Science of
Computer Programming.


The workshop will take place at University of Málaga in co-location with the 
29th ICALP conference. Participants should register in advance. A minimal 
registration fee is charged for participants proceedings, lunch and 

Further information on FMICS 02 can be obtained at the workshop web site: 

Please indicate your interest to receive actual news via email by sending
your address to fmics02@inrialpes.fr.