ANNOUNCE: Hat and nhc98 version 1.08

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 11:15:37 +0100

                       Hat + nhc98 version 1.08

We are pleased to announce a new release of Hat and the nhc98 compiler.
This is a stable release, containing many bugfixes in both the compiler
and the Hat tracing and debugging tools.  If you have not yet tried out
the Hat tracing system, this is a good opportunity to give it a workout.

New features of note in release 1.08 are:

  * There are "tunnels" between hat-observe, hat-detect, and hat-trail,
    enabling the user to jump directly from one view to another at
    exactly the point of interest.

  * You can now have multiple copies of hat-trail running simultaneously.

  * The nhc98 compiler implements the recent revisions of the
    Haskell'98 Report.

nhc98 is a full compiler for Haskell'98, with extensive support for
space profiling, time profiling, and tracing your programs.

The system is available as source code, which can be built with the
Gnu C compiler on any 32-bit platform, or with any already-installed
Haskell compiler.  Binary packages are also currently available for
ix86-Linux and sparc-solaris2.


Further information about Hat is available at


Happy tracing,
    The ART team in York
    (Malcolm Wallace, Olaf Chitil, Thorsten Brehm, Colin Runciman)