Haskell Communities Survey - Call for Contacts

Ketil Malde ketil@ii.uib.no
20 Sep 2001 21:43:37 +0200

...or how about a web zine along the lines of (the Linux) Kernel Notes
and cousins (http://kt.zork.net/)?  This is just a (couple of?) guy(s)
closely following the kernel mailing list, and summarizing, quoting
interesting mail, providing links where appropriate and so on.

Immensely useful for those of us who can't follow the tons of messages
on the Linux kernel mailing list, but who still likes to know what's
going on.  I believe the systems allows for multiple contributors, and
I think it would work as well for multiple low-volume lists as for a
single high-volume one.

Worth having a look at?

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