The future of Haskell discussion

Rijk-Jan van Haaften
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:41:22 +0200

>I would love to see Haskell used on the client side, that is,
>I want Haskell applets.

I know of one Haskell applet running on the internet.

>This would probably require that the user
>downloads Hugs as a netscape-plugin?  Or ghc emits Java (byte-)code?
>And in both cases: what GUI should we use?

There are proposals for java byte-code backends for ghc. However, there
are currently no concrete products implementing such a backend. I know
three links to papers in this area, the last one coming with a Haskell applet

D. Wakeling wrote three papers which are available at

Martijn de Vries wrote a paper which is at

Alessandro Vernet wrote an article and a backend, but he mailed me
he lost the backend due to a computer crash.
Still, he has one haskell-applet (having the algorithm written in Haskell
and the GUI written in Java) which survived the crash. It is running at