The future of Haskell discussion
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:26:19 -0700

> In my opinion GTK+ is not that nice to develop Win32 applications because
> it 
> provides its own look-and-feel which conflicts with the one of Windows. On
> UNIX-like systems where each desktop environment has its own look-and-feel
> it 
> does not conflict under GNOME because GNOME is based on it. That's why I 
> think GTK+ should be used mainly to develop applications which are
> intended 
> to run under GNOME and preferably not to do cross-plattform GUI
> programming. 
> I think the best solution for the latter thing is to use a library which
> has 
> multiple implementations based on different "native" libraries like Win32,
> GTK+, Qt. wxWindows ( is an example for this
> kind 
> of library.
	[Bryn Keller]  
	Yes, exactly. Additionally, I have had trouble with bugginess in GTK
on Win32 (not the Haskell bindings, but GTK itself), and things which want
to compile with GTK usually insist on using an executable called gtk-info
(IIRC) or something similar -- but on windows, only the DLLs are available
(last time I checked).

	My personal vote would be for wxWindows - it's good stuff, and it's
free even for commercial use. Qt's main advantage IMHO is in

	The thing I'd most like to see, however, is not a standard C++
toolkit, but a standard Haskell GUI API which could then be implemented on
top of other things (wxWindows, GTK, OpenGL, XUL, etc.). Frantk is
implemented something like this I believe, and Fruit also has an interesting
(if young) model.