Application letters at the Haskell workshop: suggestion

Alastair David Reid
13 Sep 2001 12:38:36 -0600

Quick reply to just one point (more later, I hope):

> 	Also, do these books have good coverage of things like
> existential types, functional dependencies, other
> experimental-but-apparently-crucial features that are hard to find
> documentation for?

I consider myself a fairly hardcore Haskell user (I used to be a
language designer and compiler/library developer but now I work on
another language and write my tools in Haskell and perl).  Despite
this, I don't think I use any of the features you list (I guess I'm
suggesting that these might not be the most important to you either).

I do use the IO monad, IORefs (sparingly), constructor classes, lots
of libraries, the foreign function interface (lets you call C and
C++), parser generators (happy) and parser combinators, exception
handling and concurrency (even just the lame non-preemptive version
that Hugs provides).

Of course, this partly reflects the kinds of programs I write and, to
some extent, my being comfortable with the features and libraries I
know and not having time to really explore what I can do with the
other features.

Alastair Reid