<rant>Unicode stupidity</rant> (Was: Unicode support)

Karlsson Kent - keka keka@im.se
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 08:53:44 -0400

> None of that "But 21 bits *is* enough".
> Yeah, like 640K was enough. And countless other examples.

That is not comparable. Never was.

> I thought we had learned, but I was wrong... I'm especially
> disheartened to hear that ISO bought into the same crap.

Who's going to invent all these gazillions of as-yet-unencoded
characters do you think?  I'll be expecting a proposal from
*you* detailing the the first few 100000 new characters or so, each
with extensive and convincing documentation that they are used
as the basic elements of writing in a known community. ;-)

        Kind regards
        /kent k