haskell98: Directory.getDirectoryContents

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 08:00:16 -0700

Prompted by a suggestion from Sigbjorn, I propose to clarify=20
the description of Directory.getDirectoryContents.   Current

"Computation getDirectoryContents dir returns a list of all entries in

I propose to add:=20

"Each entry in the returned list is named relative to the directory dir,
not as an absolute path."

Any objections?


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| From: Sigbjorn Finne [mailto:sof@galconn.com]=20
| Sent: 18 October 2001 23:02
| To: Simon Peyton-Jones
| Subject: haskell98: Directory.getDirectoryContents
| Hi,
| not a big one, but it may be worth clarifying the behaviour=20
| of the above function, i.e., are the elements of the result=20
| list prefixed with the directory or not?
| GHC and Hugs (and I suspect the other two) do not prefix the=20
| directory, which I think is as it should be, but the report=20
| isn't clear about what the user can expect here.
| --sigbjorn