Harmful spammers

Andre W B Furtado awfurtado@uol.com.br
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 01:06:28 -0300

> Or alternatively just report it using Spamcop (http://spamcop.net) or
> some other reporting tool.  Life is just too short to do this by hand
> every time you get spam.

CAUCE (The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email) seems to me a
nice alternative. Check www.cauce.org.

> On the Haskell mailing list we have a good compromise at the moment: the
> mailing list software's auto-filtering catches most of the spam (not
> allowing Bcc's to the list is a good one), and for any spam that gets
> through I just add it to the list of disallowed addresses.  I asked
> recently if we should move to allowing subscriber-only posting, and I
> got a small number of responses, which were split roughly 50/50 so no
> action was taken.

I think moving the list to allowing subscriber-only posting may cause some
trouble to the subscribers too... (now there isn't a 50/50 split anymore
)  )

Andre W B Furtado
Recife - Brazil