Import Chasing Problems - hello.lhs

John Heron a@b.c
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 22:43:10 -0500

Hi Mike, Sigbjorn, Simon,

Thanks so much for the pointers. Sigbjorn's suggestion to check out the patch
was what finally fixed my problem. BTW, ghci still does work for me.

I get this lovely message:

F:\stuff>ghci -package win32 hello.lhs
C:\ghc-5.02\bin\ghc.exe: file `P?B' does not exist

The ? is acutally a spade symbol in my command window. Anyway, I hope that stops
the stupid complaints from my direction for a while. And now I know what and
where I should be looking for the bug list. SourceForge has just enough of a bug
list to fool me into thinking that's where I should be looking.

Thanks Again,
John Heron

Sigbjorn Finne wrote:

> John Heron writes:
> >
> > I just installed ghc 5.02 on my NT 4.0 machine, and I'm wondering if the
> > import chasing is broken for ghc-5.02 on Windows NT? Or perhaps there is
> > yet another thing I don't understand about Haskell's environment or
> > modules?  I got the following complaints when trying to compile Sigborn
> > Finne's Win32 example hello.lhs
> > (
> >
> > F:\stuff>ghc -o hello hello.lhs
> >
> > hello.lhs:14:
> >     failed to load interface for `Win32':
> >         Could not find interface file for `Win32'
> ...
> Hi,
> have a look at the top of that file - it tells you what options you need to
> feed
> GHC to compile the example (well, the options it suggests are deprecated
> by The Powers That Be; you ought to use "-package" instead of "-syslib").
> Simpler yet, try running it via ghci:
>   c:\src\haskell> ghci -package win32 hello.lhs
> and then evaluate 'main'.
> hth
> --sigbjorn
> btw, notice that ghc-5.02 currently has got a problem or two with the
> Win32 library -- see
> ml
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